Your Business Could Help Bring About Social Reform. Please lend us your support and a helping hand, to make our country a safer place, for all.

The James Brindley Foundation is already empowering young people to make positive changes in their lives, for a brighter, safer future, working alongside education, the police, youth justice services and HMP young offenders institutes.

How you could help us

Many UK companies give to charitable causes, as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy. We are seeking corporate partners, who believe as passionately as we do, that violent youth offending is preventable. Many organisations encourage their employees to volunteer or fundraise for their chosen causes by running events. The James Brindley Foundation will support your business with marketing material and promote your action through the media.


HMRC will deduct charitable donations from your corporation tax liability.Please choose to support our work, in saving young lives. You can find out more from the HMRC website here.


If your business or personal ethics aline with our causes, you could support our projects and campaigns through corporate sponsorship. We have big ideas, to make a big impact that will build positive brand awareness. See our Campaigns HERE.


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