Wolf Run 2021

WOLF RUN 2022 - Autumn WOLF, Warwickshire, 3 September 2022

The James Brindley Foundation are looking for committed (and athletic) individuals to complete the challenging 5K or 10K Wolf Run this year whilst raising money for our cause. In 2019 we had the largest team of supporters in the runs history, we are looking to beat our target for 2022.

The event takes place on Saturday 3rd September and will be our third ever ‘Wolf Run’ fundraising event for the Foundation, featuring many man-made and natural obstacles, so if you are up for a bit of a challenge, please register here.

There is a minimum commitment of sponsorship you must raise of £100, if you register with us to take part, the Foundation will be paying 50% of your fees with Wolf Run, so please make sure that if you are running for us you book in here! We will also create your own sponsorship page – so your supporters can sponsor you online, it’s really simple, just share the link!

Our charity relies on the generosity and support from people just like you, and the funds raised, help the Foundation to protect vulnerable children and young people from exploitation and the potential for falling into an antisocial and criminal lifestyle. Together, we can end youth violence with a full stop.

Time is running out to register. Deadline is 30th August!

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Wolf Run 2022 Registration

Please register here for a commitment to 5K or 10K, we will also provide you with a free branded running vest.

2021 Competitors

2019 Competitors


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