James brindley Foundation True Life Crime UK

True Life Crime UK documentary, about the fatal stabbing of James Brindley. Interviews with James’s family and close friends, with a view to piecing together the events leading up to James’s tragic murder. These videos are shared by the James Brindley Foundation, with thanks to MTV True Life Crime UK.

The James Brindley Foundation, inspired by James to help others, exists to bring an end to youth violence and to raise awareness of all the issues surrounding knife crime.

The Foundation delivers the James Brindley Full Circle Programme, which addresses the root causes of antisocial behaviour, that can lead to violent crime. The programme is an accredited educational tool for children and young people and assessment tool for professionals, which engages and empowers young people, to make positive choices, for a better life.
View more videos on The James Brindley Foundation Youtube channel and please share if you can. With your help, we can play our part in bringing about positive change.
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