Mark and Beverley Brindley

Mark Brindley - Meet the Team - The James Brindley Foundation
Beverley Brindley - Meet the Team - The James Brindley Foundation

Mark & Beverley Brindley.

Mark and Beverley are James’s parents, inspired by him, to ensure that his story is never forgotten and to save young lives.

“At around midnight on June 23rd 2017, our lives were shattered and we became irrevocably changed as people. We are now on a very different journey, united by a shared need to create a worthy and lasting legacy, in James’s name. The James Brindley Full Circle Programme, provides us with a perfect opportunity to make a huge positive difference in society, because it addresses the root causes of antisocial behaviours, that can lead to violent crime. Our aspiration to grow The James Brindley Foundation to national status, gives us the focus and strength to move our lives forwards again and is an essential part of our life long healing.”

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