We were invited to The Home Office Serious Violence Strategy

Mark Brindley with Rt. Hon Nick Hurd MP for policing and fire services, after a private meeting about the Full Circle Programme

We recently had an invitation from the Home Office, to attend their Serious Violence Strategy conference, in Birmingham, hosted by Nick Hunt, Head of the Serious Violence Unit and attended by senior personnel within Government, Police, the Criminal Justice System, NHS, Education and Social Services – a very promising and exciting opportunity for The Foundation to be heard and to influence policy.

Prior to the conference itself, The Home Office invited us to a private meeting with The Rt. Hon Nick Hurd MP, Minister for Policing and Fire Services, an opportunity to present and discuss the aims and objectives of The Foundation and the ethos of The Full Circle Programme. Later, Mr Hurd spoke powerfully about the problems surrounding serious violence, and the long-term commitment to resolving the issues and the enhanced financial measures that the Government has recently introduced. Mr Hurd introduced Mark Brindley to the conference, making special reference to the Foundation and The Programme and shared the importance of our common goals.

The conference was extremely interactive throughout the day, using Sli.do on mobile devices together with opportunities to ask questions from the floor and to provide feedback on a wide range of topics, as well as opportunities to express opinions and share information. This was Government in ‘listening mode’.

The most important aspect of the conference for The Foundation, was having the opportunity to communicate directly with a Government Minister and many high-ranking professionals, who are fully engaged with the issues surrounding serious violence. The Foundation has a unique and accredited Programme for tackling the root causes of serious violence and we must make our voice heard, to achieve our ambition of raising The Foundation to national status, so we can deliver The Programme and thereby help children and families across the UK.


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