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“At around midnight, we were woken by our daughter, Charlotte, bursting into our bedroom, screaming that James had been stabbed. We cannot begin to adequately describe our feelings of disbelief, absolute panic and horror, between our abrupt waking, hearing Charlotte’s words and arriving at the scene, literally moments later. As we drove into the village and saw the sea of blue flashing lights at the top of the High Street, our hearts dropped into our stomachs, nauseated by the scale of the incident in front of us, and the dreadful and overwhelming realisation that, James’s life was hanging in the balance.
Eventually, we were told that he had died, and were escorted to his body, lying in his own blood, on the pavement where he fell, his chest opened-up by the medics, to allow open heart surgery and direct heart massage. That horrific scene is permanently imprinted in our memories, and is repeatedly played back in our minds, as a waking nightmare.

We live with the unbearable guilt, that we weren’t there at that dreadful moment to defend James, when he needed help; neither were we able to hold him in our arms and comfort him, as his life slipped away. We felt guilty at seeing the sun rise that next morning. We are traumatised and tortured by this on a daily basis.”

Mark Brindley.

Stay Safe

Do you feel that you are being pushed into doing things you really don’t want to, but are desperate to fit in, or to feel a sense of belonging? Do you live in fear at home or scared to leave home without a weapon?

We’d be surprised if you don’t know someone like this, because these are feelings that many young people today identify with. 

Please remember one thing, above all else, that you always have choices. Even when you think you have no choice, you still have choices; and we know that making the right choice is never easy, especially when you or your family are being intimidated…

The James Brindley Foundation exists to empower young people, build their self confidence and resilience, in order to lead a better life. Trust us to help and support you. In total confidence.

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Call the James Brindley Foundation now, for expert, non-judgemental help and advice, in confidence. 

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If someone's life is in danger dial 999

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