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The James Brindley Full Circle Programme seeks to tackle youth offending head on, using an evidence based 360-degree approach. Alongside developing an individual’s awareness of both the short and long term consequences of decision making, the programme seeks to develop problem solving and decision making skills, that we believe will contribute to a positive social lifestyle and avoid involvement in the criminal justice system.

The programme focuses on eight key areas, to drive targeted learning and a strong prognosis for positive change:

Family Functioning.

We explore family history, values and support networks, in order to move forwards. Participants also explore moral dilemmas and techniques to avoid conflict.

Peer Pressure.

Our focus is on developing participants’ resilience, through understanding the effects of peer pressure and how to make well informed choices.

Anti-Social Behaviour.

Through engaging in learning tasks, participants discover the effects that anti-social behaviour can have on themselves and others; they also have the opportunity to receive support in finding positive community activities, based upon their interests and hobbies.

Substance Misuse.

Our focus is on alcohol and drug abuse. Through scenario based learning tasks, participants gain an understanding of the impact that alcohol and drugs can have on themselves and others, focusing on legal and health implications.

Gang Culture.

Participants begin to develop their knowledge and understanding of gang related behaviour, misconceptions, decision making and problem solving skills and consequences for themselves and others.

Violent Behaviour.

Through activity based learning, participants explore the different types of violent behaviour and gain insight into how they can affect themselves and others; this includes violence with the use of weapons. Participants develop their understanding and knowledge of conflict resolution and learn about skills they can apply to real life situations.

Child Exploitation.

The participant’s understanding of child exploitation is developed, including how to recognise safe and unsafe situations.

Radicalisation & Extremism.

Participants develop their knowledge and understanding of the topics through scenario based learning tasks, as well as their ability to recognise and build resilience to the grooming behaviours of recruiters.

Delivering The James Brindley Programme in a large senior school in Birmingham


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