The unnatural death of our most precious son James, hit us like a bolt out of the blue and we continue to reel from the shock and trauma of the dreadful event itself; the utter disbelief and despair at his loss, undiminished with time, with no prospect of remission. But we, as the surviving members of James’ family, are no different to the thousands of parents, siblings, relatives and friends of those who have fallen victim to the scourge of our nation, knife crime. Like us, many also must cope with the agony of a perceived lack of justice, for their loved one.

The James Brindley Foundation, inspired by James to help others, exists to bring an end to youth violence, through our accredited educational programmes and to help families who suffer the same pain as ourselves. It is our aspiration, that these matters be given the gravity today, so that they can be consigned to history tomorrow.

James Brindley


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