Bringing back the Wolf Run!

Wolf Run 2019 Donate 1 - The James Brindley Foundation

Last year’s Wolf Run was a humungous success for us as a Foundation, and I believe a huge achievement for the many of our runners that took part.

Alex and PJ did a fantastic job of organising and running the wolf run, and of course the obligatory messy after party for us all to enjoy at the Social Club!

Each runner had to endure 6 miles of gruelling obstacles, mud and water to become a true wolf runner. With that said, congratulations to Joe Clarke who finished first out of our 140+ runners!

I thoroughly enjoyed the Wolf Run, the thrill of helping each other out and hearing the spectators cheering you on is the best feeling ever! Despite my knee giving up half way round – with the help from my friends, I still managed to limp to the finish line!

So… this year we want to do it again, and we want to make it even bigger. We set the bar incredibly high last year, being the largest wave of runners the venue has ever had… let’s go and beat that record again – for Jim.

This year we have been told there are different obstacles and a different route, all to test your endurance, stamina and team work. Why don’t you check out the wolf run website to see for yourself.

Before I go, and if you are considering becoming a member of the pack this year, I have some personal do’s and don’ts for you:


  • Wear something easy to run and move in and that will keep you warm
  • Wear running shoes that you don’t mind ruining or losing…
  • Bring warm clothes for after… seriously… it gets pretty cold
  • Help each other out over the obstacles… they aren’t as easy as you may think!
  • Bring a go pro if you have one – I forgot to, but next time I’m planning on wearing one!
  • Make sure you have the energy beforehand…
  • Get there early so you can enjoy the atmosphere with your team mates
  • Drink the water that’s given to you on the way round … (I asked for Gin, they didn’t have any)
  • Bring your mojo, bravery and determination – you’ll need it


  • Don’t do anything you aren’t confident in doing, if you need to avoid an obstacle – do so!
  • Don’t wear baggy clothing (joggers) because this will weigh you down and sap your energy
  • Don’t stand around after talking, get yourself changed and warm otherwise you’ll freeze
  • Don’t wear anything that you are worried about losing in the mud
  • And for goodness sake don’t keep your mouth open when you are jumping into the water… or when you’re going down the water slide (I made that mistake, it doesn’t taste great)

If you didn’t manage to be part of the run last year, make sure you sign up this year… honestly its not one that you will regret.

Check out our wolf run pictures taken by Bradley Ward on facebook and our website. 


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