Having witnessed the realities of our laws from inside the criminal justice system, we believe that constructive changes must be made, in order that families like our own can grieve for their loved ones, without having to contend with the agony that comes from a perceived lack of justice for their loved one.

The Law and the Criminal Justice System must play a fundamental role in the de-escalation of violence and the restoration of justice, for victims and their families. Disparities between actions and their consequences for perpetrators, must be tackled, as well as the imbalance between the rights of perpetrators and those of victims and their families. Currently, ‘the system’ appears skewed in favour of perpetrators and as a consequence, there are many perceived miscarriages of justice. These are complex issues, which we intend to confront, through discussion with experts and campaigning for change through public support.

Only when the scales of justice have been balanced, will families like our own be free to properly mourn their loved ones.

“When the truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.” 

Yevgeny Yuvtushenko


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